About Me

I am Sarah Stull, an animal lover and parrot welfare advocate (as well as a musician, artist, and writer). Students with Birds Blog is about my experiences with my flock – and all things bird-related. I focus on avian diet, nutrition, and welfare, taming and training tips, enrichment, parrot news, controversial issues, plus other interesting facts about pet birds. You can find updates about my own flock, too, and honest insights about life with them.

Through my writing here, I hope to do my part to help educate the public on the endless challenges and complexities of parrots and other pet birds. My long-term goal is to open a sanctuary and education centre here in the U.S.A. The Island Parrot Sanctuary in Scotland is and was my inspiration for this. If you are looking for a worthy charity, please, consider sending a donation their way! They appreciate volunteers, toys, perches, food, and monetary donations.


My flock consists of five at the moment: A neurotic cockatiel (whose taming adventures are chronicled here), a feisty parrotlet, a handsome senegal, a beautiful umbrella cockatoo, and an adorable canary. You can read more about them on The Flock page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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45 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice! I couldn’t figure it out either, so I added a text box and just hyperlinked them myself. But I have a lot more work to do on that section….

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following our blog. Personally, I get a bit freaked out by birds, but your advice is so clear and straightforward that I imagine it would be great for those who have their own feathered pets!

  3. Thanks for following my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom.” … My partner’s daughter is an exotic bird trainer at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, and before that she worked in the bird program at Edinburgh zoo for a year. This has given me more sympathy for our feathered friends and I’m fascinated watching the cardinals, blue jays and robins, etc. flitting around our garden in winter. … Thanks for sharing your passion … Dorothy 🙂

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog. Everyone locally who knows Taz is so intrigued with his personality. He’s been my boy and I would never change him. (Well, not much anyway) He’s all the bird I want and enjoy him tremendously. My heart goes out to those who can successfully handle multiple birds. Check back later for more pics. Tazzie is such a camera ham….

  5. Thank you for the comments and likes! Birds rule! And I am so jealous that you live in Scotland. One of the most beautiful places on Earth. I am so hoping to visit there one day 🙂

  6. I found your blog on Google and fell in love. Your birds are so adorable! I’m so glad I found another birdie blogger like me. 🙂

  7. Hello!
    You liked my post about parrot shoes so I am visiting to say thank you- it is cool to read about your birdy life- so cool and different- you keep a lovely blog. I shall think of your blog and flock when I wear my parrot shoes in the future! Kate x

  8. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, for the like and I also really appreciate the follow! I can see why you would have liked reading about my daughter’s obsession with getting a Peach Faced Lovebird! Birds seem to be a running theme! I am intrigued by your beautiful blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Very interesting too, an American living with an Englishman in Scotland…love it 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! Lovebirds are incredibly cute, I love those little guys. They have huge personalities, too! Your daughter might be interested in a parrotlet – they look very similar, but if she’s willing to put up with typical small-bird nippiness (found in both birds), they are much quieter and have a lot of gorgeous colour mutations!

      • Thank you for the great bird advice, I have never heard of a parrotlet but I will be sure to pass on the information! However, I think my daughter will have to wait until the day comes for her to have her own place before she gets her bird. I just think it would be too crazy in our little house at the moment!

  9. Hi Sarah, We met at the Phoenix Landing event in Fredrick. I’m sorry I lost your email address, but I remembered the name of your blog. It’s very well done! and I’m looking forward to adding you to our volunteer teachers. Hope to be in contact soon.

  10. Hi there! I think that yours work, trainig and life with birds is very authentic. I would be happy to send you a letter with my “problem”. I’ve could posted here, but I think it would be too long. Of course, concerns about the work, training and life with a bird which, by the way, is not a parrot … But here on your blog I can not find yours contact email address. My email address is aleksandarlogo@gmail.com and if you are able to contact me I’ll be very happy to presented to you my “problem” and hear what you could suggest me.


    • Hi, Alexander, I’m afraid that I don’t know what use I could be with a non-parrot bird, haha, but perhaps if you could give me a bit more information here, I could be of assistance, even if it is just to suggest a better place to search!

  11. Hi avianstudent!

    I have pet raven…

    All over the world, there is a huge amount of applicable information about life and work with dogs, parrots, falcons, eagles, owls, geese, cats, horses, rats, lizards, elephants, lions, dolphins, snakes, insects,etc … but, about life and work with the ravens has almost no any information. This information it’s looks more like anecdotes, rather than something that can be applied in practice.

    I need to consult with someone and I am looking forward that someone will give me friendly advice, instruction, intentioned consultation, recommendations for reading, for thinking, for working, for training, for studying…etc, on „how to live and work” with the raven. Because, I know very well, only love for animals isn’t enough to solve “problems”.

    My general, theoretical knowledge of ravens is very solid and, I belive, at an enviable level. But, my everyday life and work with the my raven still comes down mostly on my personal observations and treatments accordingly on that. I mean, until now I did’nt came across to some facts which provide me a deeper insight into the direction in which to do next in practical sense.

    Please, help me if you can in any way.

    • Wow! A raven, that’s pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t even know where to start, haha. The Fluff and Feathers group on Facebook has owners of all kinds of birds, perhaps someone there might have more of an idea? I started my blog because like you say, there is a LOT of info out there about parrots and finches; this became my place to record my research and present all the differing opinions to other owners. Perhaps you – with the opposite problem – would benefit from starting your own blog. I bet there are many in your same position. Your observations could really help someone. I wish I knew more to help!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my cockatoo photo. This was one that used to visit our garden and “talk” to our dog. We had to give our inherited pet away to someone who could pamper her, but she is now in her late 40s and still talking up a storm.

    • They live such a long time, don’t they? It’s too cute about visiting your garden. I dream of moving to Australia, where they are everywhere, and I can get my cockatoo fix without having to bring another into my home!

  13. Thank you so much for this Blog, my 22 year old cockatoo is a rescue bird and for months and days I’ve been looking for advice on how to get him to eat things other than peanuts (owners previous to me must have been feeding him lots of peanuts). Good news is hes moved onto eating cucumber! one step at a time.

  14. hello!
    I just came acroos your blog and wanted to share this project with you all.
    Its about a sound library of talking birds from all over the world for an operetta buffa work in progress… however for more info or on how you can participate just visit http://www.avesloquendi.org
    thank you,

  15. I live in Denmark and try to provide knowledge to pet parrotowners. I find your articles very exciting and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to translate some of them into Danish?

  16. May I ask where you got your one Parrot named Barney? By chance was his previous name Magoo? Looks just like my old bird. The cage and perch stick are identical. Just curious because the lady I sold him too back in 2011. Ive lost contact with. 😥 it wld be awesome if it’s him.
    Email me if you’d like yjust320@gmail.com
    Thanks Shellie

  17. I Hi! I run an animal blog and am always looking for reprints on topics that would educate and entertain our readers. Would you be open to my reprinting one or two of your fabulous articles? If so, please respond to my comment or email me. Thanks!

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