Hall’s Choice Open House in New Market, MD

For once, my parrots aren’t the main thing keeping me super-occupied in life (although they certainly play their part!). I’m helping to organise a pet-friendly charity event for Clean Water Linganore, and, as you might imagine, there is a whole lot to be done. There’s going to be food, ice cream, local tours, arts and crafts, dog-training sessions, meet-n-greets with political candidates, horse events, and more! And if you just like looking at gorgeous Hanoverian horses, you can do that, too. 😛

Clean Water Linganore’s main goal is to teach the community about the importance of both our local farmland, and the watershed area that is set to be developed in the area. The open house is being held at Hall’s Choice Farm in New Market, Maryland, on June 22, 2014 (10:00-16:00). If you live in the area, be sure to come visit!

My apologies if I haven’t been replying as quickly as usual. I have a big catch-up blogging session to do for sure.

*Regular bird updates to be resumed soon.*



One thought on “Hall’s Choice Open House in New Market, MD

  1. I need some assurance nothing is wrong with my friend. I have a very active, very friendly, big appetite BC Conure who’s feathers have become very fluffy and grey on his stomach and back. He is 20 years old and am wondering is he getting grey hair like me? Or should I consider something else. He gets premium food, but will not eat any fresh fruit or veggies since day 1. His cell mate a Sun Conure until he passed away ate all kinds of fresh stuff. His huge cage is left open and he is free to roam or fly.

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