Parrotlet Mimics the Rain


Parrotlets can mimic and talk incredibly well, which people tend not to expect out of small birds. This is just a quick post today, but I wanted to share Ptak’s adorable ‘trickling faucet’ noise. It does sound rather like a running tap. He has recently applied this noise to any water, including rain, whether that be a drizzle or a downpour. Previously, he used this noise only to signal when he wanted a drink or bath in the sink. Rainy days are full of extra fun for him now, as he spends a lot of time watching the world go by outside my bedroom window!


9 thoughts on “Parrotlet Mimics the Rain

    • Actually, it’s a fake windowpane – I figure, if I make him a real perch, he’ll refuse to sit up there. I think half the fun is clambering up there, or dive-bombing it to see if he can land!

  1. I played this for Charlie the Lovebird and she recognized it as bird talk and answered him with some chirps. No idea what she was saying!

    • Charlie is probably telling him off for being a chatter box! Lately, Mavi has been telling Ptak to “SHHHHH.” I end up laughing, which offends them both.

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