I am home. Maryland.

I don’t know what to do without the birds making their constant demands… What is this, this thing called free time? Aren’t parrot-less people bored all the time?

Anyway, I promise there will be a further update soon.

Fingers crossed the birdies’ paperwork goes through soon! I have brand-new cages for them all set up and waiting. Now all I need is to get my old laptop working again and I’m set…


7 thoughts on “Home.

    • Wow, sorry it took me so long to reply! Things got busy all of a sudden… Quarantine should last 30 days after arrival, but we’re still waiting on the last piece of paperwork from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I have my fingers crossed that it will come soon.

  1. So happy your home safely, hope the birds arrive soon. Mavi and Ptak will be missing you like crazy x

  2. I’m sure you are sadden to have had to leave Scotland but what a wonderful adventure you had! I really hope your sweet birds make it through quarantine without any issues, and that they are reunited with their bird slave soon. Best wishes!

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