Day 7 – Avian Annoyances.


The thing I love most about my flock is how dynamic they all are. Everyone is an individual. Likes and dislikes vary as much as the colours of the birds themselves.

Pip is the best bird in my flock – in complete seriousness, she is neither noisy nor messy, and doesn’t bite. I have never seen her annoyed by anything except Charlie eating from her food dish. If she doesn’t like something she’ll fly away.

Mishka… Mishka is a different story. She is annoyed by everything ever. Me? I’m probably first. O.? You betcha. Sure, he’s her favourite human, but that doesn’t mean he misses the list. The other birds rank closely after us, followed by hands and fingers, loud noises, sunlight, closed shutters, bedtime, meal times, brightly coloured things, and life in general.

Ptak merely hates things that rattle, crinkle, or jingle. Plastic bags and packaging, crisp wrappers, tissues, paper, bells, toys with the wrong parts on them – all fall prey to his beak if they dare show themselves in his presence.

Mavi dislikes O., although now O. has slipped a few places on the list and ranks somewhere below Ptak, toys, and fingers in the cage.

Shall I include Bobo? He had a long and comprehensive list that was constantly in development. I was highest on it, followed by me touching his cage, me serving him the wrong kinds of food, me not petting or cuddling him, me standing the wrong way, and me looking at him funny. Do you notice a theme? To be fair, Bobo wasn’t picky about who he was trying to woo, and I did actually see plenty of good behaviour, too.

What is your bird’s biggest dislike?




What do you think?

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