Zoo Photo Shoot.

No, this post isn’t what you might think. I’m mostly okay with zoos, at least the ones I’ve experienced. When the enclosures are enriched, spacious, and have private shelters for the animals, I think they are no bad thing! They can educate kids and adults alike, and besides, a lot of the animals were donated once owners realised they couldn’t care for their exotic ‘pets.’

No, today’s post – my 135th! – is a collection of my favourite photos that I’ve taken – from the zoo, or just of animals. And also – just because Bobo had a fantastic day – a story and a revelation. The title gives it away: he is a she.

We took Bobo for a walk in Mavi’s cat carrier. It wasn’t as cramped for him as we’d feared, and he… er, she… was quite comfortable. S/he showed off at every opportunity, begged me for attention, and happily sang and chatted to anyone who would listen. Most importantly, Bobo’s day out made quite a difference in his home and cage behaviour. I’ve mentioned the biting and lunging on this blog. I couldn’t go anywhere near him yesterday, and I didn’t press it. Today, though, after his walk, he’s been an absolute darling, begging for scratches, and generally hamming it up. He’s calm and relaxed, and that’s just what we all want.

O. and I happened to notice this afternoon that her eyes are distinctly brown in the sun. Male cockatoo’s eyes appear black even in strong light, apparently. Whether we make the change from referring to him as a he, who knows. We already call Pip and Mishka she’s, and they’re both definitely male. Fortunately, none of them mind. Plus Bobo already says, ‘Good boy, Bo!’

The walk today was a success. It was hilarious to watch people’s reactions. One woman must have thought I just had a cat in the carrier at first glance, but Bobo saw her and shouted, ‘LALALA, HELLOOOOO.’ She did such a double-take! Children absolutely clustered around him to see him (at one point, just on the street, we were surrounded by about six), and even adults were happy to come up to us. One guy had a Grey of his own, another was an Aussie who’d seen lots of ‘toos in the wild. One woman was trying to look through the slots on the sides, and guessed that we had a snake. Bobo definitely preferred the more level energy of the adults. As soon as he’d spot anyone over the age of twenty or so, he’d start chatting away. He also saw two Jack Russells playing in the park and barked at them a few times at them. When we continued away, he let out such a disappointed howl. It sounded like a small child’s shriek. There were police patting someone down nearby, and they looked twice!

Now that I’ve rambled quite a bit, on to the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Zoo Photo Shoot.

  1. FABULOUS! Fun had by all – and Bobo a girl? I knew it. From that bite I just knew! Love your new theme bar btw, that is LOVELY 😀

    • Thank you! I tried it out and couldn’t believe how wonderfully it fit with my title. Yeah… we had this hunch that Bobo was NOT male – ‘he’ has bitten Oli more than me, actually, though the worst was reserved for that knee attack, so we were just confused for awhile, haha! I think Bobo is confused too, though, so it all works out. >_<

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