Escape Artist Parrot.

I caught Bobo levering open the top of his cage today and kind of… whackamoled him back in. To be fair, I was far gentler than my choice of so-called ‘verb’ suggests, but I did usher him back down with some sense of urgency! I’ve ended up padlocking it shut, much to Bobo’s dismay.

He has, since then, attempted to unscrew everything possible in his cage. This includes the obvious screws in the cage structure, his food bowls and their corresponding access panels, the padlock itself, the latch on the front door, his perches, and all of his toys. I’ve given him different kinds of food to try, tried to distract him with toys and attention, but nothing is paramount to his current mission of escape. His focus is pretty incredible.

I think our parrotlet has been watching and learning, because Ptak suddenly began to attempt opening his own door. I ended up opening it for him, but by that point he had climbed under his upside food bowl to seek apparent weaknesses in the cage’s structure. (This bowl is a placeholder so he can’t slip out, and it provides a sort of platform for him most of the time.)

Ptak eventually noticed that the door was open and tried to jump up through the transparent bowl. Bump. Again and again, he tried to go through, but was unable to figure out how to go down and around. I took pity on him after observing this for a minute and lifted him out.

He promptly declared, ‘You silly bird.’

Yeah… That just about covers it!


Mishka’s favourites.


A Bobo-on-the-roof.


This is how he earned the nickname ‘Mav-Bat.’


The Mav-Bat hello.


One of my nicknames for Pip is ‘Tummy bird.’


Reflective parrotlet.



12 thoughts on “Escape Artist Parrot.

  1. Hahaha! Cockatoos…. it’s all fun and games ’til they chew a hole through your wall because they weren’t happy with you door placement, pull apart a camera to see how it works and decide to cut off your communication to the outside world by snapping your phone cord. 🙂

    • Well, to be fair, the little ones can do the same – but with a much less alarming rate of speed! We have had many household casualties… cords, cables, computer bits, furniture, and the latest – the wall. I gather that ‘toos have a rather impressive rate of destruction!

    • Thanks! The big guys certainly have powerful lungs don’t they? The volume doesn’t really bother me that much, but the noise itself is… well, it sounds like someone being tortured, haha!

  2. Yes, I agree…. what beautiful birds. Burt the Amazon learned how to push & pull the corner of his door to snap the latch open. We didn’t install the safety catch at the top when we got the cage nearly 2 years ago because it was a pain in the rump to push it aside every time to open & close the door. After he learned his new trick, he kept doing it and subsequently broke the latch. We installed the safety catch and called for a replacement latch. Better to have us aggrevated with a catch than to have Burt wandering around the house chewing on furniture and door frames. He hasn’t tried to get out since we installed the safety catch and now the new latch is in place.

    • Oh no! Haha, silly Burt! We have one of those safety latches on Mavi’s cage (and on his food bowl’s doors, too), and it’s a good thing, because he, too, is an expert of escape. It’s a bit of a pain, but it actually keeps the door from swinging shut on its own while he’s out, so I s’pose it’s not all bad. Birds are too clever for their own good!

  3. Hope you managed to keep Bobo in, he is just eager for a cuddle!
    Love all the pictures, Pip is so cute!

  4. Wonderful wonderful pics! Your birds are BEAUTIFUL! And congratulations on Bobo your new addition he is LOVELY! 😀

  5. Great photos. And the post… soooo funny. These birds are amazing! Basil knows how to untie knots. Whenever I put a new rope ladder or toy on her playground, she gets to work right away. And in no time, al the knots are untied, and Basil triumphantly stands over a fallen toy.

    And Pip? What kind of bird is it? He is sooo very cute, I just wanna cuddle him 🙂

    • Heh, parrots are too smart for their own good. I think I know just the kind of triumphant look you mean! Pip’s a canary – everyone loves her, me included (though she is technically a male; whole house of hormonal boy birds, currently!).

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