Trying to take care of the birds is a lot harder when you’re sick. I’m surrounded by a mountain of tissues, which, if you are a recent reader, our parrotlet HATES. Toilet and kitchen roll fall into the category of ‘evil crinkly things.’ Therefore, I am evil for using them, and must be punished. (Don’t worry, though, the piece of tissue he’s playing with in the video is fresh.)

Mavi, of course, is out with me while I type, and has decided to shred my supply of tissues. I let him because otherwise, he is busy trying to make nests under my arm or the pillows – and he doesn’t seem to be viewing the shreds as nesting material… yet.

Now excuse me while I go lie in my mountain of toilet roll and whimper theatrically. I haven’t been THIS sick in awhile.


7 thoughts on “Sick.

  1. My quaker, Basil, steals tissues left and right, sometimes right from my hand. And she doesn’t care if they have been used… I know… I know… Gross. Trying to retrieve a stolen tissue from her is quite a feat.

    Fell better! I am sure your birds are taking good care of you…

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