Sometimes It’s Sunny in Scotland.

But not often.

I slept late this morning, and so did the birds. When I got everyone up, it was stunningly bright. Sun, at this time of year in Scotland? We took advantage. Everyone basked in the sunbeams and I snapped some photos while it lasted.




‘Dancing’ in the unexpected light.




Feeling good.


Also confused.


Mavi wanted to eat the phone, so the only in-focus shots I have are in his cage.


Afterward the sun vanished behind the inevitable clouds, Maverick and I spent some quality time reading. He was happy inside his cage – not asking to come out again – so I let him be. I figured that when he was ready, he’d come down. And eventually he did.

I then discovered that he is quite happy to step up onto a perch. We used this to transfer him into his cage later with no fuss. Each time he went in, I rewarded him with pomegranate seeds. Same for off the shoulder. The treats seemed to help, and he’s been a lot happier to cooperate.

Once he went back into his cage so I could blog, Maverick’s body language was fully relaxed. I think he’s really starting to settle now. He went to his top perch and preened, and then came down and ate some pellets. I fed him some more pomegranate through the bars, too. Mishka is most definitely not keen on pomegranate – I was offering Mavi some as she was sat on my shoulder, and she had a nibble. The other bird was eating it, so it must be good.


She hated it and ran away. I plied her with a tiny crumb of cheese instead, which made up for it in her mind. Life in Mishka’s world went on.

Ptak has been unusually mellow today. I’ve probably jinxed it by writing that, but he’s been rather snuggly for a young, active parrotlet. I think the new toys help… He beats those up instead of us.

And Pip has been keen on flying around lately. After Charlie died, she hated coming out – but it seems that the confidence of the other birds has made her brave again. It’s good to see her asking to come out.


Film night with the birdies! Hopefully soon Maverick will be able to join us.


Also, I found this photo as I was uploading; I love Major Mitchells’ crests.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Sunny in Scotland.

  1. very beautiful photos, I like reading your post about your birds, it is a happy childhood recollection of mine since my mother had a few birds ….. I loved them too.

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