Happy 2013.

Happy new year to all! I intentionally didn’t do a reflective post yesterday… Instead, I want to look forward. Need to concentrate on learn positivity. Last year was full of good and bad – an okay year, not my favourite. I want to make the most of the coming year.

My goals – yes, okay, resolutions – are pretty straight-forward. I decided I’d post them here to encourage myself to actually do them…

I want to:

Practise more.

Do well in my third year of university, since it now counts for my degree.

Look into master’s degrees.

Start researching visas/citizenship in the UK.

Get a job. Make some money.

Toilet train the parrots. Research more into avian nutrition. Make something for the birds (play gym, hopefully).

Keep blogging.

Research literary agents, and work on publishing my book.


Ptak’s resolution is much simpler: get more millet out of the humans.


2 thoughts on “Happy 2013.

  1. Ptak’s got a reasonable goal. I think we overly challenge ourselves sometimes and should learn from our pets. lol. Wishing you a happy 2013 full of achievements and success 🙂

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