Your Parrots Can Swap Cages.

(If the bar spacing is right.)Image

I tried to tell Mishka that this is not the kind of apple she can eat. I don’t think she believes me.

Eesh, I’m thankful it’s Friday. I had a job interview today for a teaching position – very exciting, and I feel pretty good about it – and went to see a concert later, which I blogged about. (To that end, a separate music blog is definitely a good idea.)

I spent some quality time playing ‘chase the birds’ when I got home, at which point I decided Ptak needs a beak trim. He’s gone a bit funny about eating the smaller seeds in his mix (he picks out all the sunflowers, which I’ve returned to giving him). I’m not sure if it’s a phase or what, but I guess the vet can answer my question when Ptak has his beak tortured trimmed. The deciding moment came today when Ptak used his beak to clamber onto my finger… He didn’t grip hard at all, but it certainly left a dent. Ow.

In the meantime, Pip has been enjoying her new wooden perch… She has discovered that the V shape on the end is good for sitting on, too, and it is officially the Chosen Perch. Ptak has decided that he misses it, and spends a good portion of time forlornly staring into Pip’s cage.

While Ptak is busy doing this, Mishka stares into his cage, and it’s a big game for the parrots to see who can sneak into whose cage. Once, Ptak even managed to zip into Mishka’s before I could stop him – to general dismay. Mishka had a fit, Pip looked confused, and the small blue one was clearly very pleased…

Sometimes I swear they just want to see my reactions. (!)


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