This is for the birds.

Last night, I stumbled across this recipe on the Birdline Parrot Rescue site:

Granola Mix
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup pasteurised honey
3 cups oats
One and a half tsp cinnamon
2 cups mixed shelled almonds
Pine nuts, brazil nuts, and shredded coconut
2/3 cup dried fruit, apples and raisins.

Heat oven to 350F. In a large baking dish, melt butter and stir in honey, add oats, coconut and cinnamon. Bake for 15 mins, stirring several times. Remove from oven and stir in fruit. Cool completely. Store a one week supply in a jar with a tight fitting lid, Refrigerate the rest. Thanks to Gourmet Bird Food Recipes.


There are a few recipes there that look easy enough and yummy for the birds – I’ll probably even taste the granola myself, too, and I’m the pickiest eater known to man. Me? I prefer the BBC flapjack recipe – honey, sugar, butter, and oats melted together in a pan over low heat and then baked. The birds don’t get any of that.

If you think that birds don’t need to be cooked for, I encourage you to imagine eating nothing but the same boring, raw veggies every day, every meal, for the rest of your life. Sure, raw veggies are good sometimes – maybe even most of the time (if you really like them)… But every now and then you need to spice things up. Outside of their daily seed and veg, I try and offer the birds something special every so often – to name a few: Cheerios, fruit, the odd nibble of chip (sshh!), or scrambled egg. Their excitement and enthusiasm tells me they appreciate it.

I’ve read a few other interesting things lately, including the Island Parrot Sanctuary’s site. If you’re having issues with your bird -from behavioural problems like biting, screaming, plucking, or over-bonding – or if you’d just like to try and understand your flock better, I’d say give it a read and take from it what you like. There’s an email address, through which you can contact them, and lots of information on everything from nutrition, to dangers in the house, and signs of illness/avian vet listings in the UK. I think it’s worth adding to my list of resources (which include the bird clicks yahoo group).

If you’re looking for help with your bird, check these out. Keep in mind that there are paid courses out there that promise you a cure-all for your troubled companion parrot, but be wary. There is a lot out there for free that’s worth checking out.




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