Why I’ve Been Neglecting my Blog.

I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve been really neglecting my blog. I’ll probably (hopefully) start posting more regularly once I get into a proper rhythm, but until then, I think every other day is a good starting point. I just know you all wait with bated breath for my every post. 😛

So what have I been doing, you might ask? Well, lots of concerts, amusing the birds, classes, viola, writing, cleaning, eating, sleeping. Very mundane, really. I also watched a programme on plane crashes and how to increase your chances of survival (providing you don’t become a fiery ball midair). I became completely paranoid and vowed never, ever to fly again. Here: now you, too, can battle the rest of the world over exit row seats.

I always wish I went to Glasgow Uni (where I recently went to see a concert)… My university is a nasty 80’s building.

The birds have been good… Ish. My parrotlet, Ptak, has jumped in on the moult, although I was under the impression that this would happen at six months. Has it been six months? No way.

My little bird is not a baby anymore, as evidenced by his slowly increasing vocabulary. So far, I’ve caught him squeaking out ‘peekaboo,’ ‘how are you,’ ‘pretty bird,’ and ‘whatcha doing?’ He also mimics our cockatiel’s song and wolf-whistle. We decided recently that we’d try using a small, soft baby’s toothbrush to attempt to de-pin-feather his head… It’s very difficult to do on a bird so small… And it didn’t work. Poor O.

Ptak was so angry at him and not me (who actually did it to him). I guess we have to resort to – gasp – patience!

Our cockatiel, Mishka, has been a complete terror. It’s frustrating for all of us because she’s tame enough to want to be involved… and yet not quite brave enough to do it. Her favourite game is using my ear as a megaphone. FUN. I’m not sure whether she’s happy when she sings or not. She’s been so irritable lately; it makes her hard to read. Hopefully her mood just another short-lived phase – I feel bad for her when she’s like this.

Unlike Mishka, the canaries have been a bit subdued… Charlie actually went to sleep on the mantle of our (fake) fireplace last night. While cute, I was also a bit concerned. Pip has been unusually quiet, too. I hope it’s just the moult. I can’t wait for my canaries to sing again.


A few days ago, I let Gloster canary Pip out with Charlie the Fife . She flapped around in a panic (being the less brave bird, she usually chooses not to come out as often) and suddenly landed on my outstretched arm. It was only for about a millisecond before she went ‘OH GOD, HUMAN,’ and shot away, but it still made me unreasonably happy.

Anyway, that’s about it… here’s a few pictures to round off the post. Forgive the wacky picture sizes… I’m having difficulties with my WordPress; photos can only be edited once now, oddly.

Mishka contemplating diving into my cake.
‘What will happen if I do jump?’
After trampling around in an effort to avoid human hands, she left.
My pretty blue bird.
My pretty green bird (woken up).
And something nice-ish to look at.

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Neglecting my Blog.

    • 😀 Haha, up until she did it, I had no clue that she was considering jumping… Otherwise I probably would not have been sitting around snapping pictures!

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