Parrot Training Triumphs.

My parrotlet had had another shower today. We’ve trained him so that he is no longer (as) afraid of the bathroom, and will quite happily ride along on my shoulder. Sometimes he even flies in there on his own. He’ll land on the mirror and start chirping loudly. Yay! Well… it’s ‘yay’ so long as he doesn’t do his sexy dance again.

Why, yes, he does sometimes regurgitate to his own reflection. He also doesn’t get to spend very much time there anymore.

To get Ptak to love showers, we made sure that he associates both the bathroom and water with only positive things. This meant going to the brink of where he felt comfortable, offering treats, and walking away. Again and again, we did this, until eventually we could go in and feed him treats. As to the actual showering part, well, the bird goes in the shower with you. So long as you make a fuss and act like you’re enjoying it, he probably will too.

On the cockatiel front, we had a nice day of doing dishes and tidying (she thought so, anyway)… She rode along on my shoulder, seeming generally very happy. I only got pecked once, and that was when I was stealing a kiss. Totally deserved. (Again, she thought.)

I’m off in the morning to pick up the Smetana’s String Quartet No. 1 viola part, and after, maybe we’ll be able to work on her hatred of my instrument.

Did I ever mention that my practising makes her scream incessantly? I didn’t think I was that bad…!


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