The Enjoyable Things in Life.

As ever, things go in waves with the birds. In a week or two, some of the current FUN things will lose their appeal (though I suspect Cheerios are a long-term favourite, and irritating the other birds will never end), and other new things will replace them. As the human, it is simply my job to document them.


Cheerios are FUN:


Chewing it to bits is as fun as eating it.

Lampshades – good for swinging:


Irritating other birds is always a classic:


Go on. Try and figure out who is irritating whom.

The Cozzy Hut (previously TERRIFYING) becomes a toy:


Pecking around on the floor can get you some of the millet that the other birds missed:


Witness: the mess birds make in just a few minutes.

And, of course, snuggles are good for delaying bedtime:



What do you think?

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