The Annual Moult.

There’s Charlie and Pip, who are not looking their finest and are moulting, currently. Pip is absolutely covered in pin feathers. Mishka has also jumped in on the fun, unfortunately, and is losing feathers left and right. This leaves her in a bad temper (who can blame her). Here she is venting her fury:


Is it just me, or are a bird’s wings astoundingly beautiful?

And again, because even when irate/moulting, she’s a striking bird (we think).


This while I was in the study working. (‘Working.’) Ptak, at the time, was attempting to begin his great British novel.


Only he’s too light to type, don’t tell him.

I, mind you, was otherwise occupied supervising and taking pictures hard at work doing a little sketching. I’ll end with some of the (vaguely) bird-related things I churned out:


The I’ll-never-build-it-but-I-can-dream-on house I designed for the sheer fun of it. Sure, a two storey-aviary would be a pain to keep up with, but I want one anyway!



Floor two is, like floor one, hopelessly out of scale, but oh, well.

Also (not bird-related, unless you consider a hummingbird might [?] drink from it):


How convenient!


Ruby-throated hummingbird yet to be coloured in.


What do you think?

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