Touch Training Brings Success – and Other Exciting Things.

Mishka wasn’t having much of a better day today. She might be moulting as well, so perhaps that’s the issue. Nevertheless, I think maybe she gets a bit bored during the day, so we did a review of touch training. It went pretty well. She stepped up onto my hand and my boyfriend’s without any trouble. Her old problem was that she would step up happily enough, but start attacking your fingers once she was up there. None of that today. I ended it on a good note… with a jackpot reward of millet.

Then something exciting happened shortly after our training session.


I’ve put a half dozen effects on this just so you can see (sadly, it’s the best a phone camera can manage).

Mishka’s choice of perch probably doesn’t mean much to most people. But to me, it is my bird trusting me enough to choose to land on me – after spending several months loathing my very existence. (Even if I was sitting beside the millet.)


She’s just showing off now.

Oh, of course, with all the fuss over Miskha, Ptak decided he didn’t want to be outdone.


This is what he does when he wants up – while squeaking furiously.

And just because that last one was slightly out of focus (and you can’t get enough of the adorableness)…


Who’s showing off now?


What do you think?

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